Activity Checks

Teen Checks

laptop0001Are you concerned for your teen’s well-being?  Anonymously and discreetly check on your child/teenagers activities with surveillance documentation. Arkansas Private Investigative Agency offers Private Investigators to help find out if they are safe and are engaging in healthy, age appropriate activities .

Nanny Checks

Concerned for the safety of your children while in care of the nanny you hired?  Arkansas Investigative Agency Private Investigators can help you install nanny cams, conduct background investigations and surveillance to document the care of your children. Mission Possible Investigations conducts investigations discretely and will provide you the information you need to keep your children safe and well cared for.

Senior Checks

Your family may be part of a very mobile community. It’s not uncommon for parents and their children to live across the county or even a few states away. You worry about our aging parent’s well-being and sometimes it’s just hard to know. Arkansas Investigative Agency’s Private Investigators can help ease your fears and check on your parents or aging relatives for you discretely and confidentially if needed.  Call us today.