Corporate Fraud Investigations

Financial Exploitation Investigations

money0004Mission Possible Investigations private investigators handle all types of financial exploitation cases and can collect the evidence needed to file a report, go forward in court and sometimes even to recoup the losses. These cases happen often with aging populations. Older individuals are vulnerable due to physical and mental limitations when making decisions or getting bills paid. This makes them a target for other individuals who are looking for financial gain. Exploitation also refers to money, assets or finances.



Here are some questions to consider when thinking about if financial exportation is occurring in your family or with someone you care about.

  • Does your loved one have money missing out of their bank account?
  • Do they not understand his or her financial situation and can’t account for missing money?
  • Is a loved one’s house suddenly in someone else’s name and no one knows how that happened?
  • Is there missing property or a sale of property like antiques or valuables and no money to show for it?

Corporate Fraud Investigations

Mission Possible Investigations can investigate any employee theft and loss prevention for large and small businesses internally or externally.Our private investigators have spent years in the nonprofit and business sectors and understand financial management and mismanagement by CEOs and boards of directors. Mission Possible Investigations can conduct surveillance or work undercover gathering evidence for you when you are ready to press charges. Private investigators at Mission Possible Investigations can work for hotels and stores and work to defend losses and protect assets. Mission Possible Investigations private investigators presence can thwart theft by employees, shoplifters and vendors. Mission Possible Investigations can testify in court cases as needed and provides reports to management as to findings.

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