As a Full Service investigative firm, the County Wide Group often seeks the assistance of investigative firms around the country. One particular firm that stands out in our directory is Mission Possible Investigations in Albany, New York. The company displays nothing less than professionalism in every area of investigation including but not limited to their surveillance capability, video production and report writing. We applaud this company’s performance through the leadership of their owner, Jamie Richardson.

C.G. Workman’s Compensation Investigation

This firm is the real deal, very professional. Gave me excellent advice which was in fact to not hire them, but to remedy the probation situation on my own.

Private Client Investigative Consultation

I hired Mission Possible Investigations to help me on my adoption case and Jamie Richardson found my birth family. I’ve been looking for 42 years for them and what little information I had he took and found them in less than 1 day. Jamie Richardson truly is a miracle worker!

JG. Private Client Adoption Investigation

I am very impressed with your speed and efficiency (well worth the money!) and will certainly contact you again in the event that a similar situation arises in one of my estates.

Sue H. Private Client Practitioner Locate Investigation