Cold Cases

There are times when a case gets cold. Law enforcement has done all they can and are waiting for new leads and new evidence to come in. This can happen with just about any type of case from missing persons to murder and even robbery or property related crimes. Private investigators at Mission Possible Investigations are trained to handle cold cases. Mission Possible Investigation has former law enforcement on staff as well as other experienced private investigators. Many times all that’s needed is a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at the case. This can bring a new perspective, awaken interest in the case and turn up new evidence or witnesses that are now just willing to come forward.

Private investigators can review current witness statements and evidence, speak with those who have previously been involved in the investigation and work to come up with new evidence to break the case.

Mission Possible Investigations handles many different types of cold cases. Here are just a few listed.

  • Missing Persons
  • Abductions
  • Homicide/ Wrongful Death
  • Robbery/ Burglary/ Theft
  • Financial crimes

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